Importance of WEB2.0 in the SEO

Like blog commenting, people abuse web2.0 in the past, and that’s why links of such type are also penalized. Majority of the people use them as link wheels. Link wheel is a popular structure of linking different web2.0 properties and then tiered linking came into being. All this worked like magic in the past and then Google Algos Chimed in and everything wasted. It’s not the Web2.0 itself, but the people who used it in the wrong or black hat way.

How we do Web2.0 at Webvigor.com

If a Web2.0 property being made for the wellness of the internet and the people who are going to use it then, there is nothing better than to build a community. Every Web2.0 site has its own following and reach. If you are not reaching them then you are missing a big part of people. We use the Web2.0 in the positive way that we make them valuable for the community and rest of the people. We share content about valuable things there, and that earned us the links for our site. We do it with quality for the sites to build the communities around them. Give a try to any of our Web2.0 Package, and you’ll know the different between us and the others.