Why SEO SERVICES are now necessary?

As the internet marketing awareness increases; more people are switching the businesses and are joining the internet. According to Cnet someone registered almost 15000 domains a day and if one person can do this then imagine the total number of people around the world who passionately buy domains for their future use or business. It is not possible for someone now just to buy a domain and then straight forward start earning from it. The long process of SEO involved behind growth of any site. There are huge efforts involved in the SEO Process, and it requires the money to carry out a good SEO.

What Processes are involved in Search Engine Optimization?

People often stumble upon the terms like Offsite SEO and Onsite SEO when talking about SEO. This is true and we can easily put all seo processes in these two main categories. But what includes in both of these categories is increasing rapidly. For newbie internet marketing, offsite means creating bunch of links. Onsite means to put proper Meta title tags there for him. That’s the tricky part where people are often deceived. Although I can’t explain all the processes here in a few lines but let me explain a bit of it.

Offsite SEO

This surely means creating links to your site but these links are not blog comments, or guest post or a forum post, or links from blogs. This is beyond that. Now offsite means is your content has quality and if it goes viral or not. It means building strong communities around your site and then earning links from there. Notice the word, I said earning the link not “getting or generating the link. This is the lengthy process that takes its time.

Onsite SEO

I put Meta information and tags on this side and along with that there are open graph tags and analyzing your site that what is happening actually there. It contains design of your site, and the user experience. Onsite SEO means what post or what page should be placed there. So if, in the past, it meant to put some meta tags there on the site then it’s wrong. It is an ongoing process along with offsite seo process.
Quality SEO Work

There is a huge difference between quality seo and the other. There are many black or gray hat services available over the internet, but we make sure to practice only white hat. We follow Google Quality guidelines and our customers survive all Google Algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird. In reality, Google makes it so qualitative that only quality seo services providers remain in the SEO Industry.

What We DO?

We have been in SEO Industry since 10 years. In this period, we have ranked many tough keyword and our customers made lots of money from their online businesses. We take SEO seriously and make our customers worry free regarding traffic and SEO. We have a long list of Portfolio items but can reveal a few due to NDA so ask if you want to know any of our completed projects.
We do everything as a package to do SEO for a specific site. You can explain your desired goals, and we’ll achieve that for you. As a list following are some basic key points or work areas of our services

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Site design
  3. Onsite SEO
  4. Offsite SEO
  5. WEB 2.0
  6. Social Media
  7. Content Creation