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I’m a client of Qaswer and I can say he has done a great job with my sites. He took 2 sites from nowhere to 1st Google’s page for keywords around 2,000,000 competition in only a few months.He’ve been working on another site for a few months and I’m starting to see some improvements in this one too. And a few days ago I have booked a new spot as I’m very satisfied with his work.

I think he is a great guy, hard worker and knows the SEO stuff.

Just my honest opinion.

A few days later

Qaswer have just finished the 3rd project I’ve asked and now my site is in Google’s first page for a 2,000,000 results keyword. He really knows how to rank a website and he is a great person to deal with.

Many thanks!!!!!


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WebVigor just finished getting one of my sites to the 6 spot on a nearly 2 million competition keyword. We’re still working on another site that I have high hopes for. I can comment that his service is a great option for someone that is looking for a hands on SEO. While the prices are very affordable, Webvigor goes out of his way to contact you and keep you informed of the progress as you would expect in a high end service. His communication and responsibility are great business attributes. And I find that he goes out of his way to get things done himself.



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Screenshot_150I have ordered this a few months ago for the keyword “horoscope 2009” and my site got about 1500 visits in the last 4 weeks because of this service.

I am pretty impressed with the result so far.




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I have operated many websites on-line in some capacity since 1996 and have dealt with MANY individuals, companies all promising gold at the end of the tunnel. I have come to realize SEO is not a guarantee as some claim. Of all the people I have come across Webvigor is the most professional and honest I have come across.

He has begun working on a couple projects for me and I already see the results. His knowledge is vast and his customer service is superior. He will spend time with you to explain his work and will maintain a constant dialogue with you at every turn.

I don’t gain anything by telling you this and I have no other motives, I just want to put out the truth because hard working people such as webvigor should be rewarded. If you require any kind of SEO work I would go nowhere else.

Great work webvigor!!



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Just to let you all know.

I placed an order with webvigor and he has been working on my SEO. I can say that I am very happy with progress. These things take time, and he has been working hard getting links etc. Look forward to working more with him over the coming months.



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Hi everyone,

I ordered Webvigor’s services at the end of August and I can say he exceeded my expectations. I gave him a brand new site, and it is now on page 1 in less than 4 months!

Not only does he really know his stuff, he is also honest and trustworthy. He has great communication and is available for questions and updates. He did such a great job for me that I ordered his services for 3 other sites, and will be sending more work his way. Thanks Qaswer!




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I just wanted to follow up to say that I’ve used webvigor for 4 different sites – all with competitive keywords and I am on page 1 for all 4 sites. I’ve done SEO on my own for over 10 years and I’ve never seen a service like this.

This is the real deal. Thanks, Qaswer!!!


Alphonso Jones

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Screenshot_161Qaswer is one of the good guys. His service is great and his character is truly ‘top-notch.’ It is extremely apparent he knows exactly what he is doing and i’m happy I hired him. I will hire him again in the future. I would recommend this service to anyone on the fence.



Pat Ordenes

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Screenshot_162I just want to mention what a great job Qaswer has done for me so far.
Really cannot complain.
Excellent stuff mate, will send more jobs your way for sure!


Mario Brown

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Screenshot_163I started to work with Webvigor a couple of weeks ago because I was struggling to get my client’s website to Google’s first page for a certain keyword.

It’s now on page one!

Webvigor delivers on what he’s promising and I’m eager to see what else he’s capable of.

Great Service!




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My website is on google page 1.

What i did? I sent money and have a rest. The site is brand new. I did NOT update the site and did not builded any links.

Thanks webvigor!



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Webvigor is nice to work with and he is really good in SEO.

He is working on 3 projects for me now.

Two of my sites are climbing up the rankings for a very competitive Keyword.

I will report back when he gets me on the first page.



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Screenshot_164Hi All,

I just wanted to post a review on Webvigor and what he has done for me so far.. Firstly thankyou Webvigor with all your hard work.
My site is now ranking on page 3 now and climbing quickly for a very competitive keyword that has 7,000,000 results, all of this because of Webvigor. I could stop here but really Webvigor is always ready to answer any questions you have or help with any problems and has really delivered to notch service. I cant recommend him highly enough!! I am excited about my next projects with Webvigor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,




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Two weeks ago I ordered promotion of two my pages. Next day I got on-page optimization report and ranking report from Webvigor.

This week one of my websites is on page 2 already and in some countries on page 1. Based on new incoming links I see that Webvigor really knows how SEO works and what to do next.

If you’re still looking for your way to the top, I recommend this service.



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I had to jump back into this thread to provide an update for anyone who might be on the fence about this service. My advice to you is to IMMEDIATELY take the plunge and get this Qaswer working on your sites today. Hesitation is only costing you traffic and sales.
In under two weeks, my site is listed on the first page of for my secondary keywords and my primary keyword went from a zero ranking to page 13. That is in less than 2 weeks! The additional traffic from my secondary keywords has already translated into increased sales for me.

This is a no-brainer as far as I am concerned. This guy is a rock star!




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Screenshot_166Hello Warriors

I wanted to update everyone on the progress so far for my chosen keyword.

I am very happy to report that my url is now on page 1 of google! That’s right, page 1. Right now it is fluctuating between position 10-7, but it has been on page 1 for many days now.

Webvigor has done it, to my surprise. This guy knows his stuff. What’s even more impressive is the fact that he has not just vanished once this has been achieved, but is still in communications with me giving up advice on how to continue up the ladder.

The bottom line is that this investment has paid for itself through increased traffic and conversions. I dont want to recommend him because I want to keep this guy a secret, but I would be doing him a dis-service because he has delivered the goods and its the least I can do in return.

I highly recommend anyone to use him if you are interested at all in getting to page 1 of google.

Thanks webvigor



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Hey all,

I took a leap of faith and hired Webvigor to rank my website for a few keywords, and I must say I’m extremely impressed so far. For what I’m paying him, he was exceeding my expectations and providing me with great service, fast communication, and he actually knows what he is doing and talking about. I don’t feel like I have to watch over his shoulder or question his methods. My site has been climbing in the rankings over the last two weeks, and I fully expect him to deliver on what was promised.

I was skeptical about his services before signing up, but I can honestly say he is the real deal and if you need someone to help you with your rankings he is your man.