Why start a forum?

A big question comes in mind that why someone wants to start a forum. There are many reasons behind it.

One reason is that someone is passionate about some particular topic and he/she wants to share the knowledge or wants to spread the awareness about it. Forums are a good option in the scenario as in this way we can interact with the related people directly. We can talk to them, or we can have their point of view.

Second reason to start a forum can be providing the support to a specific product. Many big companies have started forums to address the support issues. If the product is large then users of this product can describe tips and tricks or can ask other users about specific problems.

Third cause can be brand awareness. This is very interesting reason to start a forum as a brand can reach unattended audience virally. This is like hand to hand information that can spread quickly.

Fourth reason to start a forum can be building a community. Communities are great places to share the content and discussions. Even some communities later can convert to big market places for the benefits of their community members.

There might be many more reasons to start a forum. This can be your tribute to a celebrity or a product you love. It can be building fans around your music band; this list is long.

Why Paid forum posting

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