Why SEO SERVICES are now necessary?

As the internet marketing awareness increases; more people are switching the businesses and are joining the internet. According to Cnet someone registered almost 15000 domains a day and if one person can do this then imagine the total number of people around the world who passionately buy domains for their future use or business. It is not possible for someone now just to buy a domain and then straight forward start earning from it. The long process of SEO involved behind growth of any site. There are huge efforts involved in the SEO Process, and it requires the money to carry out a good SEO. Click For More


Is Blog Commenting a Spam Tactics?

A few years back, block commenting was the most popular method to create links and then it was penalized by Google. We saw many sites with profiles full of blog commenting links and then they were penalized by Google Penguin Algorithm. With no exceptions, blog commenting is not a spam tactics, it turned into it sue to over misuse. Even today if you do it with the quality and logic, your site is going to get good authority links. Click For More


Why start a forum?

A big question comes in mind that why someone wants to start a forum. There are many reasons behind it.

One reason is that someone is passionate about some particular topic and he/she wants to share the knowledge or wants to spread the awareness about it. Forums are a good option in the scenario as in this way we can interact with the related people directly. We can talk to them, or we can have their point of view. Click For More


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Importance of WEB2.0 in the SEO

Like blog commenting, people abuse web2.0 in the past, and that’s why links of such type are also penalized. Majority of the people use them as link wheels. Link wheel is a popular structure of linking different web2.0 properties and then tiered linking came into being. All this worked like magic in the past and then Google Algos Chimed in and everything wasted. It’s not the Web2.0 itself, but the people who used it in the wrong or black hat way. Click For More Information.

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